Frantically editing the novel

Late post here – I spent the weekend editing the novel and re-writing the last chapter. Mostly the edits are okay – minor changes to sentence flow here and there, for the most part it seems to be working, though that may all change when the editor looks at it. What did need a lot of work was the ending – it was all over too suddenly, so I have rewritten that from scratch. The 400 word final chapter has become three 500 word chapters and rounds it out much better. Of course it’s still draft material, and will take some revising, but it fits the pace and tone better so I feel a little closer to the end. I do want to get it submitted before I’m too caught up in tutoring. That was my weekend.

One thought on “Frantically editing the novel

  1. I have a similar situation with editing the ending of my current work in progress. I found myself rushing to the end to finish off the initial rough draft and when I looked back on it I sat down and re-wrote it the way I thought it should have been. Now, once more, I am heading through that material to do the sentence weeding and vocabulary choosing which needs to be done. Good post and I wish you well on getting it as polished as you can before the editors. And don’t forget to Keep Writing!

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