Where I Write – a photo project by Kyle Cassidy

Professional photographer Kyle Cassidy has a wonderful project of photographing science fiction authors in their writing space. Where I Write is a quick and cool insight into the variations in how people write – Michael Swandick’s bustling busy office, Will De Smedt’s orderly space, Ellen Datlow’s living room approach. I think my favourite is Joe Haldeman handwriting in notebooks by candle- and lamplight.

2 thoughts on “Where I Write – a photo project by Kyle Cassidy

  1. I actually read this yesterday on my google reader. The website is FREAKIN’ awesome. How neat to see one’s creative space. I found it interesting most of them had cats and couches in their ‘writing room’. For some reason, Piers Anthony appealed to me. The room had a good vibe to it (even if it was a wreck!). I read several of his books as a teen. Made a huge impression on me. Thanks for sharing the link, Sean!

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