Missed the boat on Howl

The soon to be published Lame Goat Press anthology Howl looks to be a stunner. I had an idea for a story, but had so much else on that I put it aside – life is a series of choices about what not to do. Part of the reason for wanting to submit to the anthology was the fabulous cover, but it’s growing and growing. There’s now a fantastic book trailer for the volume, which is also on YouTube, one of the stories has been podcasted on archive.org, and the contributing writer’s list includes lots of my faves (Jodi, Angel, Mark Anthony Crittenden, to mention a few). I’m green. Still, it’s cool to be associated with Lame Goat Press and great to see it going from strength to strength.

(whoops – my bad, and see the comments, Laura’s not in this anthology, but she is in a couple of others – Diamonds in the Rough, and Flash! out soon. Sorry Laura).

2 thoughts on “Missed the boat on Howl

  1. Thanks for the mention, but I’m not in that one. LOL! I’m in Diamonds in the Rough, and I’ll have a couple of pieces in the flash anthology.

    1. Whoops – yeah, just rechecked the TOC, sorry Laura. I guess I was mixing up ‘cos I missed the boat on Diamonds too. At least I’ll be in the flash anthology too.

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