Flashes in the Dark – Worst of Love contest results in

Jodi MacArthur’s extraordinary story “Spindled Souls” has won the Worst of Love contest for flash fiction at Flashes in the Dark. Jodi’s story is complex, dark and very multi-layered – absolutely a clear winner. Laura Eno’s wonderful “Ironies” came in second and my own “Fiancees Among Us” made third. Well deserved honorable mentions to Graeme Reynolds and Erin Cole.

Thanks to Lori and Bob for running such a challenging contest. Writers – check out Flashes in the Dark for their next contest: Lycanthropy. That contest closes on March 21st.

2 thoughts on “Flashes in the Dark – Worst of Love contest results in

  1. You are too good to me, Sean. Thank you for the write up and kudos. Need I tell you again how much I loved your ghost story? It will haunt me forever. Absolutely fantastic.

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