Writing a novel – the sountrack: individual albums, post 1

My earlier posts about the music I listened to as I wrote, were broad genre strokes, to give a general sense of what was inspiring my writing musically. I thought I’d do some about specific albums:

Welcome Interstate Managers by Fountains of Wayne is a few years old now, but it strikes me as one of the few albums around that’s pretty even – not like one of those with two awesome songs and a boatload of filler. Part of what makes the album so good is how the guys borrow freely: it’s an unabashed rock but sometimes it’s a little emo (Mexican Wine), sometimes a little bit country (Hung up on you). Certainly I have my favourite tracks – Bright Future in Sales, Supercollider – but it’s an album I can just stick on, crank up, and write to for an hour. The subsequent albums Out of State Plates (b-sides) and Traffic and Weather didn’t quite do it for me, but Fountains of Wayne, finally, have a new album out – haven’t heard it yet, but I have high hopes.

Currently listening to: True Blood Soundtrack. Nice mix.

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