Novel draft done at 11.41pm, December 31st

Whew. It’s pretty loose, but the first draft is done. That’s 6200 words today – which is more than I would normally manage on a day set aside for writing, let alone a day with fifteen dozen other things going on. So I have a full draft of The Rotated, now the real work begins as I try to knock it into shape. So good to have belted it out before 2010 starts. Gonna take a little break from it for a couple of weeks and work on some other stories, then come at it fresh. Mood, elated, exhausted.

2 thoughts on “Novel draft done at 11.41pm, December 31st

  1. Wow, Sean. Good job! I’ve been following you on google reader. My internet was knocked out by a storm. Glad you got that first draft done- wish my luck on mine. Happy New Years buddy!

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