MicroHorror Contest Results

The MicroHorror Halloween Contest results are in:

Chris Allinotte for Make ’Em Cheer
Kevin G. Bufton for A Letter From the Trenches
Oonah V Joslin for Smolensk–The Second Time
Brian Laing for The King’s Grave
Caroline Robinson for Samhain
Chris Yodice for First Train to Deadman

Nathan has done a cool video with Conrad Brooks to announce the winners. Congratulations to all the winners. Oh, what do we have to do to beat Oonah? Try again next year, I guess.

One thought on “MicroHorror Contest Results

  1. Perhaps vultures could pick her brains – literally – to see how what’s in there but she’d rather you all just get in with some more great horror entires next October and of course all the months in between. Just because it’s not a competition, there’s no need to stop writing! Keep Creepy 🙂 Oonah

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