Forgotten Trees tracklist and cover ready

Sassere - Forgotten Trees

This is the cover.

I’ve finalised the tracks for the album too – here is the list.

1. If ever we encountered birds 4.03
2. Ahead, a clearing 0.19
3. In the distance, chainsaws? 4.06
4. A meadow, a stream, a spiderweb 7.52
5. Near dusk, a campsite 7.52
6. We thought we saw a rainbow 0.55
7. Dawn, new life 7.32
8. Distant smoke, a logging camp? 11.34
9. Ahead, another clearing 1.20
10. Follow the streambed 4.12
11. Forest edge, cities 11.36

Track 7 contains samples from Suicide (ft Hannah Harniss), 2008 Hannah_da_masta
Licensed to the public under

Check the website for more details about the release.

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